RICH REVIEWS: The Drude Volume 2 Lost Angeles

Title: The Drude Volume 2 Lost Angeles (GN)
Publisher: 1First Comics
Creator/Writer: Omaha Perez
Artist: Tony Talbert
Cover: Tony Talbert
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: A group of important people raises the Devil. Seeing some famous people in this group makes it fun such as the Pope, Oprah, and the Dump. The Dump is
Boris Drude is drawn giving an intense performance on stage. Now the story takes a tun into the weird. There are two Boris’s and some strange evil looking guy in a car. Who is he and what is going on?
There is nudity and sexual scenes so this is a mature title.
The Devil and the Illuminate are up to no good but do they have a plan? Well, one does form from the random chaos. Well, not really a plan but a goal to achieve.
Then we have body switching with no explanation. Why is this going on? There is even time traveling sort of.
Then there is a big battle with the Devil and Boris. Or is there? What do the lizard men want?
The art looks great and shows off the characters in a light to bring across their personalities.
The final battle turns into something weird and it is so hard to follow what is going on. It is like some strange drug trip that makes no sense. The Beatles tie in is strange to see as it does not fit in.
Boris is a great character and one people will like. He is the star of this comic and but with everything going on he gets lost in the chaos.

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