RICH REVIEWS: The Devil That Wears My Face

Title: The Devil That Wears My Face (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: David Pepose
Artist/Colorist/Cover Artist: Alex Cormack
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects the six issue series.
Senor Izan a priest is performing an exorcism. Things well do not go all that well for him as he asks to see the demon. The scene of the possessed man is one that the art brings out the true horror of the situation.
The art is dark to convey this is a dark book and that evil occurs in the darkness.
Father Vieri is being sent to exorcise the demon that three other priests have died trying to. Santiago is the one possessed and with the demon inside him he is looking so evil. The demon changes his appearance and the way he acts.
Father Vieri does start his exorcism and the demon fights back. The art does deliver dark settings and the violence is high.
This exorcism goes in a new and totally different way. It was catch you completely by surprise. Yes things were going as planned. The reader does follow the exorcism. Then off in a new direction.
Father Vieri is a man who comes across as sure of himself yet inside he is not. The demon knows this and acts on it.
Spain, 1740 here Father Franco Vieri finds himself in possession of a body. Yes he is actual in a possessed body that he is possessing. The demon Legion knew what he was doing. Legion took over the Franco’s body kicking his soul out. The demeanor of Franco’s possessed body indicates evil is present.
Vieri’s body possessed by Legion is showing off a much more fierce attitude among the clergy. Meanwhile Vieri in the body Legion abandoned is finging himself in lots of trouble as the other priests try to deal with him.
Maria is there to help Vieri.
Meanwhile Legion is recruiting. Gabriel a priest is lured in. This is after Legion had a go at his Holiness.
This book does look at demonic possession as if it was carried to a new level. Now a priest will have to figure out how to possess his own body and how to save the one he is in plus where to send this demon. Father Vieri has his hands full.
This comic will give you the feel of a possession movie. Priests, and demons and death and a child’s soul at stake and a beautiful woman to help are all the ingredients needed to make this horror come to life.
Legion is running wild as he possesses Father Franco Vieri’s body. Legion is using this to his advantage to do more evil. Vieri in Cardinal Mancini’s body lures Legion to him. He wants to stop Legion yet how can he do it.
Vieri does have a well thought out plan and help. He came prepared for Legion. These two get into a battle and others join in. It is good vs evil and who will win is in doubt. There is lots of animosity here. This confrontation does take up almost all of this issue.
Things get complicated for Vieri as Legion takes advantage of the situation. Poor Vieri it is not easy taking on a demon.
The art clearly shows Legion’s evil even while in the priest’s body. His actions and how he speaks make it easy to tell he is no priest.
The use of symbols and objects from religion works well.
Legion does seem to have a goal within the church. What is it though other then senseless killing. Does he plan to rule the church? What is his plan? Can his evil be stopped?
Vieri and Maria are battling Legion. Legion knows how to manipulate people and in the Father’s body it is easier.   Vieri is a priest yet in another’s body. Yet he fights and fights hard trying defeat Legion.
Legion acts with evil intent because that is what this creature is. Legion attacks many and kills many within the church. Father Vieri and Maria make a hasty retreat while Legion chases after. Legion uses all his powers and we see him using those that serve the church for his evil intentions.
Vieri does fight on he does not give up where others might. So does Legion and both will never give up or stop.
The story needed more to it. Yes there is some fighting and a chase both though are not overly exciting. Maria is not used enough in this part. She is there but thats it.
Legion stands out the most here and even so its not enough. The characters need to grab your attention and make you want to know what is happening and what is coming. Here the evil going on is not really felt in these pages. Legion as a major demon or demons of Hell should deliver an atmosphere of dread.
There is a cliffhanger ending which does leave you in suspense.
Father Vieri and Legion are in an ongoing battle. Legion in Father Vieri’s body has been causing trouble. He is a evil demon. Which has not gone unnoticed. The Cardinal Pentecost has noticied. The demon is not staying hidden as much as he had planned to. His presence is being felt more and more.
Legion is now known and the Cardinal Pentecost and Maria now both know Legion is loose in the church and must be stopped before he destroys the church.
Here we see Legion take on the Cardinel one on one. This gets downright gruesome. You might even start to feel a bit sick.
The demon Legion has his plans. Father Vieri is fighting as he does all he can to combat this great evil. The body Father Vieri is in is fighting him as it still has a soul in it. That soul did do evil can Father Vieri redeem it?
This book is about the ultimate struggle between the church and Hell as in evil vs good in its simplest form.
Father Vieri prepares to face Legion. The Iscarot Blade and one more relic will help him to do that. Meanwhile Legion is wrecking havok on a major scale. He is killing so many in the church and plans to become the new Bishop and then evil shall reign.
Father Vieri and Legion get into one fierce fight. Maria arms Vieri with the blade. Legion is so sure of himself. Three people face the demon Legion and together they force him out. It is hard to follow everything that is going on here.
Vieri comes up with a nice little twist. Maria’s man showing up helps tip the scale. Legion the evil mass killer turns out to not be so brave when everything is not going his way.
The dark art sets the atmosphere perfectly. Fighting evil from the shadows makes this book even scarier than it might have been.
Vieri is a man of convictions who will always be there for his friends and to stand against evil when it rises. This story shows us that you should never give up.

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