RICH REVIEWS: The Devil That Wears My Face # 4

Title: The Devil That Wears My Face # 4
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: David Pepose
Artist/Colorist/Cover Artist: Alex Cormack
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Vieri and Maria are battling Legion. Legion knows how to manipulate people and in the Father’s body, it is easier. Vieri is a priest yet in another’s body. Yet he fights and fights hard trying to defeat Legion.
Legion acts with evil intent because that is what this creature is. Legion attacks many and kills many within the church. Father Vieri and Maria make a hasty retreat while Legion chases after. Legion uses all his powers and we see him using those that serve the church for his evil intentions.
Vieri does fight on he does not give up where others might. So does Legion and both will never give up or stop.
The story of this issue needed more to it. Yes, thee is some fighting and a chase both though are not overly exciting. Maria is not used enough in the issue. She is there but that it.
Legion stands out the most in this issue and even so it’s not enough. The characters need to grab your attention and make you want to know what is happening and what is coming. Here the evil going on is not felt in these pages. Legion as a major demon or demon of Hell should deliver an atmosphere of dread.
There is a cliffhanger ending which does leave you in suspense.

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