RICH REVIEWS: The Cross-Eyed Mutt

Title: The Cross-Eyed Mutt (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Written and Drawn by: Etienne Davodeau
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Fabien and Mathilde are going to meet her family. Fabien works as Customer Service and Security Guard at the Louvre. Fabien is asked to place a value on an old painting. The painting is striking.
The black and white art illustrates the characters as normal everyday people. The T&A makes this a mature title. The scenery in the backgrounds is wonderfully drawn.
Fabien and Mathilde are perfect for each other. Mathilde’s family are a little weird but nice. They like Fabien to.
Things get strange when the Republic of the Louvre is brought to light while still staying in the shadows. We are asked the question how does a painting get hung in the Louvre?
So this painting of a Cross-Eyed Mutt is not the real story here. The real story is all about Fabien and Mathilde. They are so in love with each other and you will be in love with them. Or maybe the painting is part of the story as important as the people. This story has its weird and strange moments when you will not be sure what is going on. No matter what though you will be happy you picked up this wonderful book.

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