RICH REVIEWS: The Crimson Lion # 1

Title: The Crimson Lion # 1
Publisher: Self Published
Creator: Jordan Skyba
Writer: Jordan Skyba
Illustrator: Ryan Pasibe and Mike Guisinga
Colors: Bryan Arfel Magnaye
Cover: Dino Agor and Mervin Gadaingan
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Comments: One man makes a life-changing decision. He will be the world’s greatest villain and so the Crimson Lion is born.
Scott is just your ordinary guy going through life wanting more than he has. He does come up with a plan. We can all identify with Scott.
The art fits the character as he is just a guy who made his own costume. He is a guy with bad intentions on his mind and good ones in his heart. This villain may just be a hero in disguise.
The Crimson Lion may want to be the world’s next biggest villain, what the world really needs though is a hero. In Scott, it may just have found it only he does not know it yet.
The art style is basic yet it does bring across the characteristics of Scott and his version of who he wants to be. The look of the Crimson Lion could be looked at as a hero or villain. It is his deeds, not his intent that will decide that.
The Crimson Lion’s interaction with others is a delight he comes across as so normal while trying to be abnormal.
This is a comic book for your average everyday person. You will love it.

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