RICH REVIEWS: The Continentals

Title: The Continentals: That Shape Am I (GN)
Publisher: Brand X Books
Story by: Darryl Hughes
Art by: Monique MacNaughton
Price: $ 22.98 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chapter 1: “A Matter of Malice of Forethought”
Jack the Ripper is back or is he. Someone is murdering others. So who can stop him? Enter Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe aka Agent 86 and Lady Fiona Fiziwigg aka Agent 99 and they are the Continentals. Agent 86 and Agent 99 are obviously a play on the TV series Get Smart.
The book is filled with gorgeous Victorian art, all done in black and white. Smythe and Fiziwigg each have a very unique look to them in the style of their dress.
The two agents do go about their job investigating a murder. The Apparition is behind it and he is a frightening man. Or is he behind it?
The two agents now carry out their investigation and we get to follow along. They are personable characters. Fiziwigg has a flirty style to her. Smythe is more classical.
Chapter 2: “The Caine to your Abel”
The villainous art is outstanding. The story does start to drag on a little yet the two main characters do keep it interesting. There is lots of drama to much to follow it all. You do find out lots about characters who seem to have nothing to do with the murders.
Mr. Qwist is featured prominently in this book. He is a man of differing attitudes. The Mangler is the name given to the killer by the authorities.
There is one wild exciting carriage chase. It is a fast and furious one drawn t thrill the reader.
Chapter 3: “The Fire Next Time”
The story does unfold and it starts to fall into place. Things are explained nicely. The two main characters Smythe and Fiziwigg do have a wonderful relationship and each’s personality goes well with the others. The killer we find out is more than just your ordinary killer.
Mr. Qwist is illustrated as a man who you will recognize has deep dark desires and he is willing to fulfill them. At the same time, there are those who are willing to stop him.

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