RICH REVIEWS: The Complete Origamiac Comics Series

Title: The Complete Origamiac Comics Series (GN)
Publisher: Seth Levens
Written and Illustrated by: Seth Levens
Cover by: Francesca Spallato and Seth Levens
Price: $ 12.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Orson is out driving. One thing leads to another and Orson ends up in a totally different situation than he expected to be in.
Now a Doctor has invented a serum, Bio Herent that mends things together, such as people or even food.
Orson has become according to his friend Pickle a super-hero. Orson and Pickle both seem pretty relaxed about dealing with this huge change to Orson.
Ms. Regina Unsavoury is a lackey that wants to be more.
Orson ends up getting a tour of MALefactory. This is the place responsible for his change. Their introductory speech for new members does start to drag out. Dr. Seethesome is boring.
Orson is trying to get back to his human form. MALefactory though is no help so he leaves but has plans for them.
Orson is joining a super-hero team of weird misfits. Now, this leads to him working from the inside to bring down MALefactory. Can Orson take down this evil organization from within? Well, not really evil just annoying.
The political section of this comic does drag on. It is very wordy with little happening.
Dr. Seethesome is one strange character. The superheroes and supervillains are lame yet done in a way to be humorous poking fun at the concept.
Overall this comic does poke fun at the super-hero genre. It does drag on a bit too much and has the characters standing around rather than doing something. Origamiac is a different type of character and he makes for a semi-cool superhero.

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