RICH REVIEWS: The Cancel Haus # 1

Title: The Cancel Haus # 1
Publisher: Strawman Publishing
Concept, Story, Pencils, Inks, Colour, Lettering, and Design: Hroge
Price: free online
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book starts out as nonsense. Then the book focuses on four travelers. The story starts to make sense and then it’s off again to who knows where.
The writing has parts in French which are not translated at all. Well actually it is later on but the translation makes no sense either. The English parts are hard to read, lots of time it makes no sense at all. The story if you can call it that is all over the place from one page to the next is not connected.
The art style is fine and does fill in the pages, only why? Who are these people tons of which are in this book and they only get a page or two at the most before it moves on.
The writing is a total mess. Giving it a one because the art while not great is ok. The characters have a nice veriety to them.
The writing though there is no plot, no story, no focus, no main characters, why was this even written?

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