RICH REVIEWS: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari # 1

Title: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari # 1
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Script and Art by: Diego Olmos
Based on the movie by: Robert Wiene, Hans Janowitz & Carl Olmos
Cover by: Diego Olmos
Lettering by: Malaka Studio
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In the town of Holstenwall a Carnival arrived with a Sideshow.
The black and white art is well done. The use of bold lines makes it striking. The simple backgrounds give the comic a sinister appearance.
With the Carnival and Doctor Caligari in town crimes start occurring.
Cesare the Somnambulist. He is illustrated as a weird looking man. Doctor Caligari and Cesare are unique characters. Cesare is a killer but what is his purpose or rather what is Doctor Caligari’s purpose in killing?
There is a nice build up of terror here. You will start to look at shadows and fear what might be in them.

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