RICH REVIEWS: The Brooding Muse Magazine # 2

Title: The Brooding Muse Magazine # 2
Publisher: Brooding Muse
Writers: Patrick James, Jack Slattery
Artist Names: Hugh Vogt, Raphael De Oliveira, Giulio J
Cover Artists: G. Randall
Price: $ 5.95 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Kayla And The Castle Keep” Part two here has a lot of nasty rats. People are in a battle with one man leading the way. The rats are far from ordinary these creatures can talk and are focused on one thing and one thing only. The black and white art works so well for this story filled with horror. The next menace to appear is a lava creature and this thing seems unstopable. The action is intense here. The characters themselves need to be focused on.
“Know Your Killer” Is a one page pin-up of a rough man who is armed.
“The Powered” A meteor Crash has caused a lot of problems. The story itself never really gets going. This part is over to quickly so you learn next to nothing about the characters or what is happening.
The stories are intertwined somehow yet it is not overly apparent.
This issue needed to draw the reader more into the story.

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