RICH REVIEWS: The Brooding Muse Magazine # 1

Title: The Brooding Muse Magazine # 1
Publisher: Brooding Muse
Writers: Jack Slattery, Patrick James, Art Pencil, Jennifer Bentzel
Artist Names: Nik Poliwko, Earl Geier, Cartoon Studios, Hernan Gonzalez, Raphael De Oliveira
Cover Artists: Nik Poliwko
Price: $ 5.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Kayla and the Castle Keep” Here we are introduced to Kayla, Raven, and Fangs and the atmosphere is a dark one full of death. The story as it flows along sets things up wonderfully and gives you a sense of the dread a flash of light created.
The art on the monsters is stunning as it will fill you with horror. The way Kayla’s eyes are drawn as she looks out on the city as the monsters approach shows artistic talent.
The 4080 is mentioned and they are some kind of group but it is not explained exactly who they are. Some things are not fully explained.
The fighting is gory and savage.
The story is told like a horror movie as it unfolds.
To be continued next issue.
“Witness at Wet Rock Dig Up” This story is about some killing that happened and revenge for it. Some unexpected things pop up and a nice twist happens. The black and white art helps to accentuate the evil that is present.
“Complacent Victims” Your host for this story is terrifying. This story lets you know that if you see it coming your going to die.
“The Powered Damnation Waltz” This story starts violently. Then we switch to a group watching a meteor shower. As a meteor lands things get very violent very fast for Charlie and Dylan.
To be continued next issue.
This book does get under your skin and make it crawl. Horror has been set free.

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