Title: The Box # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Script: Joshua Starnes
Art: Raymond Estrada
Color: Steven Dellasalla
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Covers: Raymond Estrada
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: What a box represents and is explained here. There have been some very famous boxes Pandora’s Box and the Arc of the Covenant.
Leo Bloom is supposed to be the star of this comic along with his magic box. The preface tells you this. The story here though does not tell you anything to explain what is going on and why you are reading this.
Leo is in police custody yet with the help of his box it does provide him with what he needs for all occasions.
The art is dark and it needs more detail and to be clearer.
There are things going on here that are just not explained and will leave you wondering why did that happen. You need to read whatever series there was before this one to fully understand things. This box though is strange and magical.
The mystery of the box will make you curious. Leo is a good character but you are told next to nothing about him. Yes, he seems to want to know more about this box but that is all we learn about him. How did he get this box? Who is Leo? What impact on his life has the box had? These are questions that should be answered.

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