RICH REVIEWS: The Body # 1

Title: The Body # 1
Publisher: Scribilly Comics/Jayred Comics
Written by/Lettering by: Billy Diamond Jr.
Art by/Design by: Jay Red
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 3 out 0f 5 stars
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Comments: Two men are on a job. Now as you follow along you start to get an idea of what you think they are up to. Things though do take a turn into something out of this world. A simple job becomes much harder as these two working men get company. Things go from bad to worse in a hurry and one high-action vehicle chase is on.
For the partners, it is a chase that ends in tragedy. The one partner does his job.
This comic does not delve too strongly into the characters. You learn the basics and that is about it. The more you know the more you would care about them. The story flies by fast and is over just as you start getting into the story.
The art is done well enough it is just that nothing stands out about it it is there.
The aliens are drawn as your typical everyday run-of-the-mill ones.
The characters of the two men show they respect each other and can work together as partners.
The comic is a fun read in the tradition of Men In Black and others along that line.

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