RICH REVIEWS: The Black Suit of Death # 1

Title: The Black Suit of Death # 1
Publisher: Warrior Innkeeper Creative
Written by: Ed Ellsworth, Fred Hembeck, Benjamin J. Kreger
Art by: Stefano Cardoselli, Fred Hembeck
Pencils: Dexter Wee
Inks: Dexter Wee
Colored by: Bryan Magnaye
Cover by: Brett Weldele
Lettered by: Benjamin J. Kreger
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 1.99 Digital
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The big red dragon will capture your interest from page one. Edd is role player gamer nerd. Here his girlfriend has just left him and we see he is depressed. Edd is such a great guy and his ex she is a well you know what she is. Edd has a great friend in Ava who is also gorgeous. He just needs to open up his eyes and see her for what she truly is, one hot babe interested in him.
Edd goes out into the desert and there finds a box labeled U.S. Army. Within the box, he finds the Black Suit of Death and it fits him nicely. The suit is one dark sinister suit of armor. This suit could give you nightmares. Edd once in it has something happening. The art here showing the suit is stunning.
There is a write up that tells you a bit more about Edd like how he got his name and some other things.
“Li’l BSD” Fred Hembeck always delivers cute art. He delivers a short cute story.
The Black Suit of Death is off to a good start and once it gets more into the character will only improve.

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