RICH REVIEWS: The Artist Behind Superman The Joe Shuster Story (GN)

Title: The Artist Behind Superman The Joe Shuster Story (GN)
Publisher: Super Genius
Writer: Julian Voloj
Artist: Thomas Campi
Preface by: Chelle Mayer
Price: $ 19.99 US, $ 25.99 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is the story of Joe Shuster and of how he co-created Superman.
The art style is a lightly colored pastel style that is soft and subdued. It does fit the mood of the comic. The faces at times are illustrated to pasty.
Joe Shuster’s childhood is shown. His family was poor but they got by. Joe had a happy childhood. His greatest joy was comics.
Joe and his family moved around a lot. When they move to Glenville Joe meets Jerry Siegel. These two immediately hit it off. We see them start to be creative and work together. They do get a small amount of success together but little pay.
Jerry and Joe finally get Superman published it took them a long time but they never gave up. Unfortunately, when they did so they signed away the ownership to Superman. The success of Superman was unheard of. Superman moved into radio and the big screen. The comics were still doing great too.
Then Joe started having health issues but worked around it. Jerry meanwhile was getting more and more upset over not getting a big enough cut.
Joe Shuster did have a hard life yes he co-created Superman but his life was anything but super. He deserved so much more.
Finally, the comic book world stood up Neal Adams and Jerry Robinson and others campaigned for Jerry and Joe.
This book delivers the true story of Joe Shuster and how he was mistreated over his co-creation of Superman. We see how long it took to finally give him and Jerry Siegel the credit and financial awards they so richly deserved.
Any fan of Superman and comics should read this and find out how the creators of Superman were treated and what it took for them to be treated right. It was a long hard struggle and they earned everything they got and deserved even more.

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