RICH REVIEWS: Tether # 1

Title: Tether # 1
Publisher: Isle2
Written by: Chuck Amadori
Art by: Alex Reis
Colors by: Matheus Bronca
Flats by: Jul Mae
Created by: Chuck Amadori & Adam Bloch
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two women dressed in loin clothes entire an arena. They are pitted against fearsome beast men. Velang carries the fight since she is the veteran.
Alina is taken from the gladiator cells. There is a lovely scene of her being deloused. A very nice butt shot.
Alina is taken by this mad scientist and yes he is certainly portrayed as one. Just wait till you see the expression on his face. It shows intelligence and insanity.
Having the girl’s nipples always pushing out against their clothing may be unrealistic but it does add a sexy touch to the illustrations.
Well, the story introduces the characters and sets up future issues nicely. The setting needs to be explained more. What time era does this story take place in? Is it on Earth? The ancient Roman society blended with futuristic settings does work nicely, though.
What is the mad doctor up to? The mystery will draw you back wanting to know more.
What is that long blue tube for? What is the Emperor’s important mission? Lots of mystery here.
Velang and Alina both work well together. These girls are beauties who will enthrall you.

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