RICH REVIEWS: Team SupremUs # 0

Title: Team SupremUs # 0 Expanded Edition
Publisher: Champion Comics
Writer/Creator: Carios Raphael
Artists: Fish Lee/Shayne Cui/Gabriel Roidan/Aditya Rachdian
Colorist: Gabriel Roldan
Letterer: Francisco Zamora
Price: $ 10.00 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Supras have been imprisoned wrongly. Ingraham Supermax Prison is holding several supras. Team SupremUs springs into action as they make a jailbreak.
General Ran’Kor and his men and super-powered ones stand between SepremUs and freedom. The action gets exciting and hard-hitting. they
The pin-up between chapters is SupremUs and it showcases a variety of super-powered beings and looks good as a team.
The battle rages on and the combatants are evenly matched. Then Voivode joins the fray. He is rage incarnate. This being is pure rage and ready to kill all in his way. Things just got real. It’s really bad for SupremUs.
The ending here definitely leaves you wanting more. The huge selection of super-powered beings with a variety of powers and abilities gives you a lot to see. The story is a simple one and the characters are all shown in exciting poses. The people are explained just enough so you know who they are.
The characters do need more fleshing out, the more you know the more you will care about them. The team leader his name is not even mentioned.
If you want to see a ton of characters you’re in the right place.

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