RICH REVIEWS: Team North America # 1

Title: Team North America # 1
Publisher: Arco Comics
Stories: Alex Dawe, Dan Sehn
Art: Eduardo Vienna, Ibraim Roberson
Colors: Periya Pillai, Miguel Marques
Letters: Dan Sehn
Cover A: Allan Goldman
Cover B: Eduardo Vienna
Cover Colors: Periya Pillai
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: With superheroes from the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Central America this six-person team is truly a North American team. All-American, Firewater, Ultro, Quetzal, Blackout, and Wilde make up the team.
“Day of the Dead” A villainous female, The Lady of the Dead makes her presence known as a pack of zombies and ghosts under her control roam. This villainess is so colorfully dressed, she must have every single color on her or pretty close.
Team North America is poetry in motion as they act as one. The art has them smoothly going into action. Waterfire steps up and finds a way to fight this villainess. Being powerful is great, being intelligent and caring is even better. Waterfire is a deep person with a lot more to her than just being a superhero.
The team shoat the end of this story is beautifully done showing they are a group of yes teammates but also friends. It is great to see a positive story about heroes doing the right thing.
“Demon Blue” Here one member has doubts about how he is treated. His teammates have no doubts though he is treated and looked at as an equal. The pin-up page this story ends with is a gorgeous team shot.
This comic delivers a fun exciting storyline with the art to go with it. These are true heroes as they were meant to be.

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