RICH REVIEWS: Taranis The Thunderlord # 1

Title: Taranis The Thunderlord # 1
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Story: Eric N. Bennett
Art: Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira Júnior, Fernando Damasio
Color: Victor Raniery, Tristan McDonald
Letters: Eric N. Bennett
Cover by: Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira Júnior with Colors by Monsanto
Variant Covers by: Steven Butler with Colors by Monsanto, Ron Frenz with Colors by Monsanto
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Taranis The Thunderlord and his Warrior-Love Dara are on a quest to slay a monstrous giant. They find this monster Beglog, The Snake-Limbed. They show the three in battle and then they do not. They just cut away. This was starting to be one great battle.
In the present day, we get a little lesson in Celt Gods like Taranis.
Kurzol is a mythological monster with big muscles and an attitude of get out of my way or die. Who can stop him well Taranis the Thunderlord has returned. He is an imposing figure. Again the battle is joined yet no ending to it this issue.
In “Tales of Otherworld” Taranis and Dara are both illustrated as powerful Gods. This meeting for them is the start of their beautiful relationship. There is a little action in this story but for the most part, the characters are standing around talking.
Taranis is the Celt Thunderlord a God yet he seems laidback and quiet here. Yes, he is big and can act boisterous but he does not act like a God who wants to be noticed.
Taranis needs to be more assertive.
Taranis does have a nice looking shield and his thunderbolts are powerful weapons. He should be using them more often. Let’s see him in a real full out battle.

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