RICH REVIEWS: Tank Girl: Action Alley # 1

Title: Tank Girl: Action Alley # 1
Publisher: Titan Comics
Story by: Alan Martin with Lou Martin
Written by: Alan Martin
Drawn and Lettered by: Brett Parson
Cover: Brett Parson, Greg Staples
Variant Covers: Brett Parson,
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Sub Girl, Barney, and Booga are the main cast of this comic. These characters are beyond weird. Just seeing them hanging out doing ordinary things it is easy to see no way are they ordinary.
The Tankmaster vehicle is an amazing thing that you know Tank Girl is going to have fun with. They are going on Holiday.
Booga the kangaroo guy gets a pet kangaroo which he tries to keep hidden.  Hiding a kangaroo is not easy. Dobson is along for the ride too. He is like an inventive genius.
Tank Girl and her friends are like no one else you will laugh at their antics and wonder at the unrealistic things around them. These friends are awesome and as you follow their adventures you will realize that you too are awesome. Tank Girl is no model citizen, she breaks the rules and then some. Yet there is no way you can not love this girl plus of course she has a tank.

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