RICH REVIEWS: Tales from the World of Monster Matador # 1

Title: Tales from the World of Monster Matador # 1
Publisher: 2510 Press/Half Evil Comics
Story: Rylend Grant and Steven Prince
Art: Steven Prince
Colors: Iwon Joko Triyono
Cover: Steven Prince
Price: $ 7,59 Rupees
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: A Batman wannabe gets too much into it and that leads to him no longer being a wannabe Batman. Some people just get too much into what they are doing. There are a few wannabe Batman’s here. Actors who played the role.
The poke at President Trump is nicely done. It is slipped into the story smoothly.
The Batman actors are incredibly stupid. This does poke fun at them.
Monsters are mentioned yet we never get to see them. The Batman’s are done to make them funny and to make you laugh when you see them and how they act.
The story does not have a plot. The Batman’s just act stupidly just because they want to do good. They are so dumb for the most part.
You really will have no idea of the direction this comic is going in. The art is comical which works for the funny-sad way the Batman’s are portrayed.
The characters do show some promise which in coming issues hopefully we will see.

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