RICH REVIEWS: Tales From Nottingham

Title: Tales From Nottingham (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writers: David Hazan, Magdalene Visaggio, Anna Everts, Sabs Cooper, Dylan Essex, Damien Bector
Artists/Colorists/Letterers: Shane Connery Volk, Victor Santos, Luca Romano, Dave Sharpe, Justin Birch, Gabriel Serra, Josh Jensen, Federico Bertoni, Rebecca Malty, Chas! Pangburn, Miguel Puerto, Diana Sousa, Taylor Esposito, Rafael Romeo Magat, Ellie Wright, Matt Krotzer
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The King of Jerusalem Conrad de Montferrat is attacked and his attackers are shown fleeing. This scene has action as the attack is carried out and afterward as well.
Then we switch to Aya and her training. She is drawn so beautifully. She is drawn wonderfully using shading on her body which looks gorgeous. The overall look of the art does deliver a setting that fits the story perfectly.
As you read this book the plot of it is not easy to figure out other than it is introducing a few characters. Yet why are we reading about them? What are they doing? Why is Hamza tortured?
Aya does have a decision to make and it is a hard one.
Great art and the period is portrayed just as you would expect. The story needs to explain things a lot more in this part. To be specific. The characters are drawn amazingly but for the characters themselves for the reader to care more about them they have to know more.
Yes, Aya and Hamza had a relationship. What was the purpose of their training? Aya is a promising character it would be great to see in an adventure that focuses on her.
The Sheriff while accompanying a Lord on a hunt finds a poacher has been hunting as well. Now the Sheriff has the job of catching this poacher. He does track down someone quickly. The Sheriff is a tough tracker and uses his brains as well. The Sheriff looks rough yet behind that he is a thinker. The art is rough as well showing the Sheriff and the other characters.
Lady Marian has an attitude. Someone attacked the Prince and the Sheriff is out to find who. How was Lady Marian involved or was she? Marian is only looking out for Marian she cares nothing about others only what she can get for herself. The Sheriff is a smart man and after talking to Marian he does suspect her yet has no proof.
The Merry Men have a creepy look as they all wear the same mask. Friar Tuck is a man of action and he has a temper that leads to violence for this man of God.
Little John is shown in the battle against an opponent and while they fight the opponent’s weapon is broken and in a couple of panels miraculously fixed. It was shattered. So the artist made a mistake missing this. This fight is important as it is in the past and shows how the Merry Men led by Robin Hood was formed.
Captain Ysolda Mercadier, this sword-for-hire is a cute goth woman. She delivers Everard Blackthorne to Simon De Senlis. Simon is the ruler the Marquees now have to work with Blackthorne with his life at stake.
Three warriors all of whom thought they were enemies come together against one man the Marquees. They must work together and fight to win their freedom. Two tough men Faulkes and Blackthorne and one cute goth Mercadier the three do not seem like they could work together yet they do. Freedom is a good motivator.
The scenes in the rain do give the reader a feel of actually being in that weather as you see the characters in it.
King Richard’s army is on the march and it’s going to Nottingham. They look impressive.
This story takes place in old England and a surprise in the mercenary transgender female. She is the best character seen in this book. She is small yet you know she can fight even though you do not see her fight in this issue. Captain Ysolda Mercadier is someone you will want to see more of.

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