Title: Supernaut (TPB)
Publisher: 215 Ink
Written/Drawn/Colored/Created by: Michael David Nelsen
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This Trade collects issues one through five of the series.
Chapter One: Supernaut has a word with “God” when he learns “God” plans to destroy the Universe.
The art uses a lot of red which gives it a unique look.
The story jumps around way too much. Supernaut is part of a team but why are they together and how did they get together? What is the Torus?
Things need to be a lot better defined. Plus Supernaut you need to know more about so you will care about him and what happens to him. A clear origin recap would be nice too. What are his abilities? How does he plan to stop “God”?
Supernaut from what you can make out about him and from the art does have promise and the idea of him going up against God to save the Universe is a different one.
Chapter Two: The recap does help explain what is going on and about the characters.
There is a lengthy write up about reincarnation. It does go on and on. The backgrounds are filled with lovely colors.
Next Supernaut sees different reincarnations of himself. Tha onto an alternate Earth.
Supernaut is gathering weapons to fight a pseudo-God. Here he is after the Godbreaker armor. To get it he has to go through a creature. This creature is illustrated as a nightmarish thing.
Supernaut has three of the five artifacts to be used to defeat the God.
The story is way too wordy and over explains the armor. More action and less talking would be better. Plus all the words used are hard to follow what they mean.
Supernaut though does plan to take down a God and watching him prepare is the main storyline here. The build-up is starting to get more intense.
Chapter Three: The recap helps to give you an idea of what is going on. The only thing is the recap tells you about parts of the story that do not happen in the comic but it does it as if they did. It really needs to recap what actually happens and the comic story itself should have these extra parts in it.
Isbeth Hatling, Atafay Par Lin, The Camara, Charles Vex these are Supernaut’s team. They are all skilled and powerful. They are also thieves.
The Sever Kordum Miox is a book but not of paper. Supernaut adds it to his other items to be used to battle the pseudo “God”.
The story does add a different twist to it with the thieves now involved.
The story needs to be clearer. The art is filled with great colors. The art could be clearer as well. The profile pages of the thieves are a nice way to introduce us to them.
Chapter Four: Supernaut and the thieves are after a sword so they can stop “God” from destroying everything.
The art showing off the multiple worlds is presented as an awesome drawing and it is richly colored. The lettering with white on a grey background makes it extremely hard to read.
The team does get the sword and they face danger along the way. Supernaut is ready to face “God”.
Chapter Five: Supernaut has all his weapons and artifacts to prepare him to battle “God”. They have a long fight on many different levels.
There is so much going on and it does make it all hard to follow exactly what is going on.
The battle goes on and things do draw to a close.

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