RICH REVIEWS: Super Ready Battle Armor # 1

Title: Super Ready Battle Armor # 1
Publisher: Team SRBA
Co-Created and Illustrated by: Michael Milham
Co-Created and Written by: Bradley Adan
Edited by: Belinda Kwoka & Casey Lancaster
Price: $ 7.00 Aud
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a black and white comic done in an anime style.
Infector is the main character and he has a unique gift. He can see how much life and death a person has in them. He is given a unique look through the art that does make him stand out. His friend is B. A.
The scene of Infector getting punched and underneath the picture it says right in the kisser is so cute.
Infector we see also has another gift. This one is huge. We see him use it here as well. As he uses it there is an air of excitement in the air and also a feeling of dread.
This is a good introductory issue that introduces the main characters and sets up for the coming issues. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the story flows and the art matches it perfectly.

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