Title: Sunlight (GN)
Publisher: Clover Press
Story: Christophe Bec
Art: Bernard Khattou
Lettering: Simon Bowland & Robbie Robbins
Translation: Ivanka Hanberger
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Kevin and his two friends Carol and Eva are going underwater diving in an old abandoned flooded mine. It takes twenty-eight pages before they tell you Kevin and Eva’s names. It would have been nicer to know them sooner.
As the explorers find the mine we see it is a creepy old dilapidated place. The black and white art beautifully displays the scenery. There are even a few Rednecks around they are done in a stereotypical fashion. The three stars are all wonderfully illustrated as real-life people out for a thrill.
For this group of friends, their adventure does end up having some pitfalls. They end up trapped at the bottom of the mine and as it sinks in on you the reader this would be one hell of a frightening situation.
The two women are scared and so is the man but he is a survivalist and knows what to do. Eva is on meds for some unknown condition. There is a sense of desperation growing in these three.
They try everything to escape from this mine. The complete hopelessness of the situation sinks in. Kevin is dying and the other two will too in time.
The ending to this story may not be what you expect. It gets a bit hard to fully follow everything. More of an explanation is needed. Some things though are made clear and one thing is made real clear these three friends are friends for life and they are fighters.

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