RICH REVIEWS: Stingray # 3

Title: Stingray # 3
Publisher: Cutthroat Comics
Writer: Josh Nealis
Artist: Cristiano Reina
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The recap gives you more information than the actual story.
An alien and a human hate each other’s guts. Why? From the way they react, you would think they have a past. It is not mentioned though.
Ray, Pedoman and Kid-Friendly stand ready to face Snapdragon and his fleet. The aliens the Ceti have sent a killer ahead to prepare for the rest to come. Pedoman’s one-liners are weird. Kid-Friendly using lollipops to fight is strange.
Shul Manu the killer alien finds Ray. These two have a past, what it is, is not said. Is Ray’s super-hero name Stingray probably but again it is not said. The cavalry arrives in the form of the Ginger Avenger although his name is not mentioned.
What does the talking squirrel have to do with any of this? Also, what does the sword have to do with any of this? Both are so well illustrated.
It would be great to know more about the characters, who they are? Why should we care about them?
These heroes do have potential. As a team, they do work well together.

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