RICH REVIEWS: Stingray # 2

Title: Stingray # 2
Publisher: Cutthroat Comics
Writer: Josh Nealis
Artist: Cristiano Reina
Cover: Matt Horak
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: A guy in a costume rips into some thieves destroying them. It gets gory. He does look good and is badass and over the top violent.
What does a squirrel have to do with anything in this story? It looks amazing in the art but why is it there?
The story jumps around way too much. It needs to stop and let you know what is going on. Who are the characters it is showing you and what are they up to and why?
The squirrel gets to fight an alien on an alien planet.
The story needs to be more focused. There is too much happening with no reason given for any of it. Who are the Ceti why are they doing what they do? Who is the violent guy? What is the violent guy with no name doing in another guy’s bedroom? Who is the other guy? How does he fit into the story?
The art does look amazing. The squirrel you will just love how it looks.

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