RICH REVIEWS: Stephen King’s Creepshow

Title: Stephen King’s Creepshow (GN)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Writer: Stephen King
Art by: Bernie Wrightson with Michele Wrightson
Cover Art by: Jack Kamen
Price: $ 18.00 US, $ 25.00 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Comments: The late great Bernie Wrightson is the artist on this and he was a master at his craft.
The Creep narrates these stories. He is one undead looking guy. His character does enhance the stories. Having him appear between each is a nice touch.
Father’s Day” This is a tale of murder most foul. It is also a tale of love and hatred. The art on the father as he rises from the grave will give you chills. One undead father leads to plenty of frightening thrills and chills for his loving family.
The lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” Jordy Verrill finds a meteor. Jordy does have one great imagination as he thinks about how this meteor will change his life. It does change his life in ways he never expected. The horror in this story creeps up on you. The art gorgeously displays that creeping terror that slowly overwhelms you.
The Crate” A janitor and a Professor find a crate from 1834. Within this crate they find an unspeakable horror. The build up is done nicely. The creature art is amazing. This thing would scare anyone.
Something To Tide You Over” A husband deals out justice to his wife’s lover. This story takes a turn into the supernatural that will have you fearing to be down on the beach. Beautiful horrific art fills the pages of this story.
They’re Creeping Up On You” This story has a quite horror that creeps up on you. It will get under your skin and maybe even inside it. It will have you looking out for anything that might just creep up on you.
This was made into a very scary movie with a screenplay by Stephen King, produced by Richard P. Rubinstein and directed by George A. Romero. If you have not seen it you really should if you like to be scared that is.

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