RICH REVIEWS: Stealth Hammer # 1

Title: Stealth Hammer # 1
Publisher: Ryan Drost
Creator/Writer: Ryan Drost
Artists: Joel Jackson, Alexandra Scott
Colorists: Ross Hughes, Alexandra Scott
Color Assists: Evan Evans, Laci Hart & Julio Santos
Letters: Dave Sharpe, Alexandra Scott
Cover Art: Joel Jackson with Colors by Ross Hughes
Variant Cover Art: Robert Atkins with Colors by Ross Hughes
Interier Cover Art: Dean Kotz
Pin-Up Art: Joel Jackson with Colors by Ross Hughes
Back Cover Art: Shannon Gallant with Colors by Ross Hughes
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “This is How the Story Begins” Jami Taylor’s room is like the most awesome one ever. All the cool stuff she has is amazing.
Jami and her boyfriend Kyle miss their bus and she is off and running. Jami is so full of positive energy. The art is fun and exciting. This is one cute comic and character. Jami is just adorable. Her father is a scientist and super intelligent.
The art is cute. That is the best word for it and this comic.
Now as Jami is in her father’s lab when all hell breaks loose. Jami has gained superpowers and of course, wants to be a superhero.
We get to see the birth of a new superhero and her enthusiasm is extreme. Her hover bike is so cool. Jami leaps into action battling her uncle with help from her father. The uncle’s volkswagon is full of surprises. Jami is full of surprises to.
Stealth Hammer is the cutest thing ever, along with her dog Hana and in her hover car you are presented with a enthusiastic hero ready to face any challenge head on.
“Adversity Is Necessary” Jami and Ari go on a learning journey. They encounter wolfrats and they are viscious looking creatures. Marzanna is a strange looking evil thing. Ari is also stranging as he resembles a garden gnome. He has an attitude but does try to help. Jami is so cute you just want to hug her.

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