RICH REVIEWS: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Volume One: The Bracelet Chronicles

Title: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Volume One: The Bracelet Chronicles (GN)
Publisher: TPub Comics
Original Art and Story by: POW! Entertainment
Additional Writers: Neil Gibson and Michael Gordon
Illustrator: Atula Siriwardane
Colorist: Ellie Wright
Letterer: Jim Campbell
and Warren Montgomery
Cover Artist: Atula Siriwardane
Variant Cover Artist: Vince Sunico and Amrit Birdi
Touch Up Art: Jess Taylor, Cornelia Abfalter
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a collection of the four-issue series.
Harry has the bracelet and it gives its owner luck. Harry tries to find out everything he can about this bracelet. It seems to give good luck and bad luck. The Bracelet is a thing of mystery.
The art has a soft look making the faces appear smooth. They could use more detail to them. The coloring of the Soviets is just awful. People are yellow and white-skinned.
The art does improve as the story goes on. The women are drawn beautifully.
The dancer, Alyona, and the astronaut, Artur part of the story does get exciting and the outer space scenes look dangerous. These scenes are filled with intense emotions. These two are in love. She used to the power of the bracelet’s luck which gave both good and bad luck.
Harry still wants to know more about this bracelet he cannot remove. His Half-Brother Rich is helping him with that.
The bracelet has a long history. Even the Kennedy’s were involved with it. The bracelet does have a long history. Genghis Khan once possessed the bracelet and its power until fate stepped in. Or was it luck?
We do find out the bracelet’s origin. There is not all that much to it.
Eve Alexandri is the woman in black. She is a Torch meaning she looks out for the one wearing the Bracelet.
The mystery of the bracelet and how it will be used continues. Harry is stuck with it until death do us part.

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