Title: Stake # 1
Publisher: Scout Comics
Writer: David A. Byrne
Artist: Francesca Fantini
Letterer/Production: Joel Rodriguez
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Angel Beltran Stinson aka Stake and she hates vampires in particular Ashwyn.
The world at large finds out vampires are real.
Now Stake takes care of vampires that prey on humans. Since vampires were discovered to be real they had to register if not Stake hunts them down.
The artwork is done in black and white with a little color thrown in. Stake is a character who knows what she is being and does it. The story does have some fun moments in it too.
Now Stake does warn the vampires but like the idiots they are they ignore her. Stake is not alone. Jessamy is a sword welding beauty who helps Stake.
This issue is good as it introduces the main characters and what they do. Some filling in of the storyline is needed.
The vampires are looking evil yet the hunters are shown as more sure of what they are doing.
Stake and Jessamy make a good team.

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