RICH REVIEWS: Spotlight on Big Bang Comics # 1

Title: Spotlight on Big Bang Comics # 1
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Front Cover: Mark Lewis
Editors: Chris Ecker, Edward DeGeorge, Pedro Angosto
Price: free digitally online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: If you want to learn more about this publisher this is the book to have. They have so many wonderful characters. If you love an older-style superhero like from the Golden or Silver Age you will love these.
Knight Watchman, Ultiman, and Dr. Weird are just a couple of the wonderful heroes they have. Yes, some of the characters do seem very similar to DC and Marvel ones. They have a ton of titles with beautifully illustrated covers. The pin-up style pages have some gorgeous art.
The heroes and villains here will let you relive your days as a kid or teen when comics were fun. The stories are entertaining. The heroes may not be as dynamic as the ones they are based on yet they do have a charm all their own.
You get to see the various people who have made Big Bang Comics the success it is today.
This book does not have any comic book stories. It is a guide to what Big Bang Comics is putting out.

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