RICH REVIEWS: Split Earth Saga

Title: Split Earth Saga (GN)
Publisher: Zephyr Zheng, Monica Ding & Joey Yu
Design & Comic: Zephyr Zheng
Art Direction: Monica Ding
Story & World Setting: Joey Yu
Price: $ 35.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Nice subdued art and coloring greets the reader here. The city scape is an amazing sight. The touches of technology leave no doubt this is the future.
Sprite is a Warrior and her Cultivator Zack. These characters are going to the other side of the world. The world here is split with a blue light dividing it.
The art showing the Earth has to be seen to be believed.
  Chapter One:
Six people journey to the other side of the planet. Three pairings of Warriors and Cultivators. Berserkress and Ilumi, Sprite and Zack, Captain and Wade. Things are not right and a sense of dread is in the air.
The Alabaster’s when they appear are a menacing presence.
Scythe and Bordo are also close by they are another warrior and Cultivator. The Warriors are all gorgeously drawn, women. The art treats the reader to a few lovely butt shots of the Warriors.
The Warriors and Cultivators have a unique relationship.
Everlight the one side of the planet is a dangerous place.
Why have these people been sent to Everlight? What is the purpose of their mission? Why do they risk their lives? Also, why are females the only Warriors and only males Cultivators? Some explanations are needed.
Chapter Two:
This chapter has answers. They are provided at just the right time.
The group finds themselves facing a small army of the Alabaster. As they retreat inside a cave they find the most amazing sight. The colors and shading are so beautifully done in the book and in this cave, you see that.
Grammar needed to be checked. A proofreader was definitely needed.
A sacrifice is made and Sprite and the other Warriors may never be the same again.
Chapter Three:
There is nudity and sexual situations so this is a mature title.
Society is about saving human lives. Here we see how a city dedicated to saving people works. It works to save the most it can the fastest it can.
Chapter Four:
A city is under siege by a full-scale army of Alabaster’s. The excitement is thrilling as the humans fight to survive. The fighting is intense as the Warriors and Cultivators fight the Alabaster army. Then as the humans are safely away, then we see they are not the unthinkable happens.
Chapter Five:
Sprite shines here as a hero. She goes beyond where she was. She was the newbie yet she acts better than any other. The humans get what they were after. Now though was it worth it? Sprite now sees that the danger has not passed.
 Chapter Six:
  Not only is the world split but its people are as well. For Sprite it is all about doing what is right with the Sun Stone.
  This split world does have a chance to live. Its people as well might just manage to live their lives in peace.
This book does have some unique ideas in the story. The characters are wonderful. The art is so beautifully done it will leave you stunned.

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