RICH REVIEWS: Spitting Image

Title: Spitting Image
Publisher: Brittany Matter
Creator: Heather Ayres
Written by: Heather Ayes and Brittany Matter
Art and Lettering by: Sally Cantirino
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This preview book is part of the larger Kith & Kin graphic novel now on Kickstarter.
“Splitting Image” The art starts off this short seven-page comic giving it a dark ominous setting. The black and white art does fit the gothic atmosphere. We see a stoic woman. The story has a sister remembering her sister. You can tell she misses her so much. There are few words said yet there is lots of underlying emotion.
One sister has a nice collection of cosmetics. Plus one interesting book. From the pictures in the house, it is easy to see they were close. Yet they did live different lives.
One woman here does show she is living her life as she wants and looking forward to the future while still remembering the past.
This is a nice short tale with the supernatural lightly mixed in. It is a story not set to frighten or chill your bones but one to make you think about the choices we make in life and death.


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