RICH REVIEWS: Spencer & Locke 2 (TPB)

Title: Spencer & Locke 2 (TPB)
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: David Pepose
Art by: Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Colors by: Jasen Smith
Letters by: Colin Bell
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues one to four of the limited series.
Locke has a seven-foot-tall talking panther named Spencer who may or may not be real.
In the city, there is a man on the loose who takes pleasure in killing others. He has one evil-looking smile. Locke ends up on the case to stop this man. Now the way Spencer is around and the way Locke talks to him you definitely will start thinking is he real? Maybe he is but then you remember the little stuffed toy panther.
The killer Roach now he is one tough SOB and he does enjoy what he does. Locke finds himself needing to be rescued.
The Killer has a crazy surprise as well. He is even more insane than was thought at first. He is also more like Locke.
Locke does act professional while still being probably crazy. He is a cop with smarts for solving crimes. He has a personality that makes him likable. The story is a hard-hitting one about this killer. It’s a good cop in a bad situation.
Locke does manage to get himself into more trouble while looking for Roach.
Melinda Mercury, Star Reporter is also looking for Roach and she like Locke does not mind going outside the law.
Locke gets his day in court. His day in court is an exciting one far more than they usually are. Locke along with Spencer his imaginary partner well maybe imaginary. The way the situation is treated you are lead to believe Spencer the big talking panther is not real but then something happens that makes you stop and think maybe he is.
Locke and Roach have one exciting battle. It does end on a strange scene and then something or rather someone will take you totally by surprise. Roach has someone else hunting him.
Spencer and Locke take on Nazi killer mutant snowmen. Really now an imaginary panther is going to fight snowmen.
This comic is plain weird. So much of it takes place in the imagination or does it?
Captain Astounding is after the Roach. Captain Astounding is nothing like you might be expecting.
The story is incredibly hard to follow. It does switch around from one setting to another and different characters.
Locke shows that he does love his daughter. His daughter shows she is one very brave girl. The enemy they face is a killer. It is great to see Locke emerge ready to fight. It is also different to see him admit Spencer is a creation of his mind.
The daughter of Locke is wonderfully illustrated. Hero is a hero. She is one cute brave little girl. Locke and Spencer are both drawn great. They do look like you would expect a detective to look.
There does need to be more explanations as to what is going on. More focus on the story so it is easier to follow.
Locke is clearly shown as a loving father who puts his daughter above all else.
The use of a Beetle Bailey cartoon strip to show Roach’s childhood is cute and a bit sadistic.
Roach enters a hospital and makes his way to the maternity ward he and his flamethrower have some very evil plans.
Locke our hero attacks Roach while Roach attacks back. This is a firefight. Things are about even until Locke’s daughter Hero gets involved. Roach just does not stop this guy is a maniac. Locke though when it comes to his daughter will not stop. His love is so powerful it carries him through anything set in front of him.
Here we finally see Spencer is not real but only lives in Locke’s mind. He drives him to do the things Locke would not on his own. But then again maybe not, just maybe Spencer is real. Just when you start to think one way something happens.
The art has a cool dark look and feel to it.
The things that happen here you will not see anywhere else.

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