RICH REVIEWS: Space Bastards Volume 1

Title: Space Bastards Volume 1 (HC)
Writers: Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey
Artwork by: Darick Robertson, Simon Bisley, Boo Cook, Colin MacNeil, Clint Langley, Gabriel “GABO” Bautista
Colors by: Diego Rodriguez
Lettering by: Simon Bowland, Taylor Esposito
Created by: Eric Peterson, Jow Aubrey, Darick Robertson
Price: $ 30.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Tooth & Mail” Episode One: Space Bastards
As we start out all Hell is breaking loose.
Than all Hell breaks loose again. Delivering mail in the future is a battle. He who makes the delivery gets paid. All others get well lets just say they do not have to worry about a retirement plan. Manny is one of the toughest delivery man they have.
Now a hard working businessman finds himself looking for employment. Davey needs a job. Working as a intergalactic mail person sounds great set your own hours, no paperwork, see the galaxy. It is a dangerous job though.
Davey learns fast how to do his new job. Davey becomes a god dawn expert. This guy this accountant may have thrown you off with his slow start but once he got going. Watch out for Davey.
The Postmaster Roy Sharpton and Mr. Powers do show some animosity towards each other. You just know they are going to get into it more.
Tooth & Mail” Episode Two: Birth of the Space Bastards
This chapter we take a look at how the Space Bastards were formed. Roy Sharpton becomes the new Postmaster and he does make changes. Do your job and you get paid, let someone else do it and they get paid. Things do work out great for Roy well until Mr. Powers comes back.
Roy is for the most part a loser. Yet with the Space Bastards he final has a success. Mr. powers plans to ruin that.
Tooth & Mail” Episode Three: Chuck the “Magic” Wagon: Space Bastards
Chuck is an alcoholic. His life has been one filled with hardships that he has just made his way through. His character and others in this book are way over the top. Chuck now gets into the biggest fight it just goes on and on.
It is amazing the way this story goes full circle.
Join the Post Office and Fight on!

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