RICH REVIEWS: Sovereign Traces: Not (Just) (An)Other Vol. 1

Title: Sovereign Traces: Not (Just) (An)Other Vol. 1
Publisher: Makwa Enewed/Sovereign Traces Series
Written by: various
Artist by: various
Book and Cover Design by: Charlie Sharp
Cover Artwork by: Elizabeth LaPensee
Price: $ 29.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Werewolves on the Moon” Written by Stephen Graham Jones and illustrated by Delicia Williams.
Now, this is a werewolf story and beautifully illustrated. It is unlike any other werewolf story you have read. If you want to read a short story about werewolves and enjoy the artwork this is for you.
“The Prisoner of Haiku” Written by Gordon Henry Jr. and illustration & colors by Neal Shannacappo.
One boy believes in his history and he will not give it up, his native language is important to him. He has faith in who he is and no one can take that away from him. He brought his art to life as a way for the ancestors of his people to strike back at a society that was threatening it.  The art brings out this man’s passion for his people.
“Ice Tricksters” Written by Gerald Vizenor and illustration & colors by GMB Chomichuk.
This story flows along so smoothly. Do you know what a Trickster is well after reading this story you might almost know. Nice use of blue in the art here. The art brings out the atmosphere of this story.
“An Athabasca Story” Written by Warren Cariou, illustration & colors by Nicholas Burns.
Here we see Elder Brother and that he is a man in need of warmth. He does as the white man and steals from the earth to warm himself. One man though does not have the power of the white people. Elder Brother though does live on and he can still be heard wanting his freedom. This story does not make total sense. The art looks good illustrating the Elder Brother.
“Trickster Reflections” Written by Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair and illustration & illustration & colors by GMB Chomichuk.
This story is about a man and a Trickster. It does not really go anywhere. The art is done in such a way that it is hard to fully make out at times.
“The Strange People” Written by Louise Erdrich and illustration & colors Elizabeth LaPensee.
This short story is about love. The art uses colors really well to accentuate the art.
“Deer Dancer” Written by Joy Harpo and illustration & color by Weshoyot Alvitre.
A beautiful woman dances fully nude in a bar and then leaves. Was she a woman or a deer? The woman’s skin is pasty looking at how it is colored. The deer now looks amazing. It is drawn very lifelike.
“Mermaids” Written by Richard Van Camp, illustration by Scott B. Henderson and colors by Donovan Yaciuk.
Why did God kill the mermaids? This story is about mermaids and merman but also about love. Yes, two people can find it anywhere. Just pure love. This is a touching story filled with wonderful art.
“Just Another Naming Ceremony” Written by Gwen Neil Westerman and illustration & colors by Tara Ogaick.
This story comes across as fun yet it makes no sense. The art is done in an amateur way.

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