RICH REVIEWS: Sonic The Hedgehog # 288

sonicthehedgehog_288-0vTitle: Sonic The Hedgehog # 288
Publisher: Archie Comics
Writer: Ian Flynn
Pencils: Tracy Yardley
Inks: Terry Austin
Colors: Gabriel Cassata
Letters: John Workman
Cover by: Patrick Spaziante
Best Buds Variant Cover by: Genevieve Ft
Price: $ 2.99 US/Can
Rating: out of 5 stars
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Comments: The art is so cute. Sonic is illustrated adorably. Sonic and Dr.’s Eggman and Snively are having their usually meeting. They try to kill Sonic and are not succeeding. They do have lots of interesting death traps.
Sonic and friends are fighting to get Princess Sally’s daddy back on his throne. The Freedom Fighters are formed here.
This issue does make a good start to the adventures of finding the Chaos Emeralds. These young friends will band together to save their world from Eggman.
The art is made for a younger audience but all can enjoy it.

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