RICH REVIEWS: Snap Flash Hustle # 1


Title: Snap Flash Hustle # 1
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Writer: Pat Shand
Artist/Cover: Emily Pearson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Haley is a model just trying to make a living. She is attractive and a nice person maybe to nice for the field of work she is in.
Haley is in a relationship, a threesome her and her boyfriend and another girl. The other girl cares about Haley way more than Haley cares about her. You can see and feel the tension growing in the relationship.
For Haley a shoot that is going great turns into something else. This little misunderstanding may change her life for the better or worse that has yet to be determined.
The art style is upbeat with a realistic style. It does show Haley as sexual but not overly so.
Haley is a down on her luck model. Than she stumbles into a way to make money. Haley seems like such a nice lovable woman will she be able to fit into this new life style? Only time will tell.

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