RICH REVIEWS: Smacks & Guzzlers # 1 

Title: Smacks & Guzzlers # 1
Publisher: Hirukoa Comics
Written & Illustrated by: Jagoba Lekuona
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Rolo and Merle have a nice introduction at the start. These two enter a Wizard’s castle and find danger awaits. Merele talks a lot and is a want to be wizard while Rolo has big muscles and says little.  The two do not come across as brace heroic warriors and that is because they are not and are not meant to be shown as such in this book.
Merle and Rolo find themselves surrounded by mystical threats. The magical books with very sharp teeth are threatening. These things could give you nightmares.
Merle and Rolo do show that they are capable adventurers. They also work well together.
The backup story delivers some advice on adventuring. It is good advice which is obvious.
These two would be adventurers are a fun twosome.  They may not be the best but they are working on it.

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