RICH REVIEWS: Sleeping Beauties # 1

Title: Sleeping Beauties # 1
Publisher: IDW
Based on the Novel by: Stephen King and Owen King
Adapted by: Rio Youers
Art by: Alison Sampson
Colors by: Triona Tree Farrell
Design & Letters by: Christa Miesner
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: We see things happening in a small town and in the woods a mysterious woman acts mysteriously. As this woman finds some people she pays them a visit. She is really not acting normal at all.
This is a story about a sleeping sickness spreading worldwide. Here is this comic we focus on a town with a woman’s prison.
It is being called The Australian Fainting Flu and it is putting women to sleep. There are some mysterious side effects as well that are nothing like any flu symptom that has gone on before.
With all that is going on here it is surprising the Sheriff has time for the Flu. How does it all tie in with murders and the mysterious woman? Well one Sheriff is going to have her hands full.
This issue does make a great start to a mystery that will have you caught in its lure and you will be pulled in.

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