RICH REVIEWS: Sky Commander vs The Aeronauts: Book 1

Title: Sky Commander vs The Aeronauts: Book 1 (GN)
Publisher: Brand X Books
Writer: Darryl Hughes
Artist: Monique MacNaughton
Price: $ 2.98 US (digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sky Commander is shown action and the art does present him as one action hero full of excitement.
You will notice similarities to the Rocketeer and also both Marvel and DC characters are mentioned.
The story is set during the war and it is Nazi Germany vs the Allied Forces. The art is black and white which fits this type of story well. The art itself does gorgeously show off the characters both good and evil. There is lots of explosive action. Rita is drawn in some great action scenes.
Germany’s Aeronauts are beautifully illustrated and they look deadly in battle. They were made to kill.
The Rocketeer we see going into action for the first time. He does it not to fight but to save. And save him as a little boy will live to see another day because of his actions. The media names him Sky Commander aka Duster Haywood.
Howard Hughes finds Duster and Howard does help him improve his overall rocket pack.
The German’s have their Dreadnoughts and their version of rocket men. The Alias has need of Sky Commander to stop them.
The settings and characters match the time beautifully and the Sky Commander makes for one exciting hero. The high flying action is spectacular.

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