RICH REVIEWS: Skotus # 1

Title: Skotus # 1
Publisher: Rob Wolinsky
Creator/Writer: Rob Wolinsky
Artist/Cover: Nicolo Arcuti
Colors:  Francesco Franciuus Farabi
Letters: Micah Myers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Right from the start we are given a look at the President of the United States and it is easy to see there is something off. You can tell he is hiding something. As the story progresses we see that the President is tough and hard as nails and also insanely evil.
Seeing a man of such power abusing that power is scary. The President is a man used to getting what he wants.
The Security Chief for the President is a man who does his job and does it well. It is great to see him handled as he really would be if this was real.
This is a good introduction to the series. The characters you are introduced to them here yet still need to learn more about them which should happen in future issues. This issue delivers enough to draw you into the story and pique your interest so you want to see more.
The art uses red to bring out certain aspects which work really well. The people have a government look to them.
This President in this book is so much more interesting than the real thing.

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