RICH REVIEWS: Skeeters # 3

Titles: Skeeters # 3
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Artist/Colorist: Kelly Williams
Writers: Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe
Letterer: Chas! Pangburn
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two exterminators, a dog, and the Sheriff are out after these huge insects attacking their town. Our foursome is slaughting these things and the art is gore showing them and the people getting slaughtered as well. These mosquito-type creatures are a mess. If you saw one in real life you would be terrified.
This comic tries to be a horror comedy yet fails on the comedy part. The horror is there by having these creatures but there is no suspense or build-up.
The characters you know little about this type of story you do not need to know everything but a little more would be nice. The creatures as well you know little about the but this issue does deliver a couple of surprises.
What is coming next? The creatures have their plans.
There is lots and lots of fighting it is just not that exciting. Yes, these creatures have long stingers in front. Seeing them pierce people with them should be done to instill fear in you the reader. It does not. The thought of these creatures running free is scary.

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