RICH REVIEWS: Skeeters # 1

Titles: Skeeters # 1
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Artist: Kelly Williams
Authors: Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe
Letterer: Chas! Pangburn
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sheriff Carla McCord is the sheriff of Kankakee a small town with a government research facility. The facility has an incident that it appears to keep fully under control thanks to a security guard. A delivery truck from there has cargo that was thought to be harmless.
Big mosquito-like creatures escape and are loose in Kankakee. These things kill fast and as they feed they grow in size. The thought of these creatures roaming the land is terrifying. This comic book is like a horror movie as the story unfolds. The insect-like creatures are a nightmare and the art brings across their nature.
Luis and George are two exterminators in Kankakee. These two go out to a farm to check their traps and they find a grotesque creature just waiting to feed.
Yes, it is easy to see where this story is going and there will be even more death by blood-sucking creatures. The Sheriff and the exterminators are the main characters representing the town that is now under attack from the insects.
The suspense is building and the terror is rising. Be very glad you do not live in Kankakee.

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