Title: Sink # 4
Publisher: Comix Tribe
Story by: John Lees
Art & Colours by: Alex Cormack
Letters by: Shawn Lee
Logo by: Tim Daniel
Price: free (digital)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Martin Shaw has gone missing he was a student. Did the clowns in the blue van get him? So what can his student friends do about it?
The four students go clown hunting. Hardeep the leader, Jake, Craig, and Sarah make up the team of revenge seekers.
Mr. Dig is a vigilante wearing a fox mask and he is scary. He is one hard butt-kicking man.
The four students find themselves in way over their heads. Well, the Young Sinkhill Team grows up quick and they prove they have what it takes to survive in Sinkhill.
Sinkhill is not a place you would ever want to visit. For those who live there, it can be Hell or worse.
Always watch out for the blue van in Sinkhill. The clowns are always on the prowl and watching for you.

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