Title: Sink # 3
Publisher: Comix Tribe
Story by: John Lees
Art & Colours by: Alex Cormack
Letters by: Shawn Lee
Logo by: Tim Daniel
Price: free (digital)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Rab Kilcolm was a killer that everyone feared and respected. Now Rab is retired. Rab has changed a lot since leaving Sinkhill. No one would recognize him. Florence still has part of Rab in her.
She takes a little trip down to Sinkhill to make things right. Both writing and art have made it clear blood is coming. She is there for an eye for an eye.
Rab/Florence pays a visit to a certain bar. It’s a nice quiet place or was. She gives it a nice new paint job, all in red. This woman is one tough SOB. The violence goes through the roof.
The clowns are still around too. Just one glance at them will give you nightmares. If you see a Blue Van it is probably already too late.
You can take the person out of Sinkhill but Sinkhill will always be in them.

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