sink1Title: Sink # 1
Publisher: Comix Tribe
Story by: John Lees
Art & Colours by: Alex Cormack
Letters by: Colin Bell
Logo by: Tim Daniel
Price: free (digital)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Allan ends up all alone in town at night. He finds out the streets are not as safe as when you see them from safely inside a bus. As he walks along he does meet a few interesting people.
Than the fox carrying a shovel shows up. The build up to him showing up as we catch glimpses of his shovel is well done to build up your expectations.
As the fox man takes care of the thugs roaming the streets it is a scene of extreme violence. Things are not just violent they are ultra violent. The blood does come out and freely flows.
Mr. Dig the name fits the shovel carrying fox man. He has a mystery to him.
As Allan continues on his way the Blue Van appears. The terror has just begun. What awaits him inside is not for the faint of heart.
This comic does know how to quicken your heart rate. The horror’s you will see will leave you stunned.
Welcome to Glasgow. You will not want to come again.

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