RICH REVIEWS: Simon N. Kirby, the Agent # 8

Title: Simon N. Kirby, the Agent # 8
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artists: Gilbert Monsanto
Letters: Eric N. Bennett,
Script Editor: Chris Squires
Managing Editor: Jim Burrows
Cover Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Price: $ 5.00 US (Digital)
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Agent Down!” The art has a flat look to it. The story shows us these heroes are just working stiffs like the rest of us. This is a great aspect to see portrayed.
The story has some heroes out and in action yet what is going on is not explained. Kirby is ready to lead a team against the Brotherhood meanwhile Murder Hornet is moving into action against the Brotherhood as well.
Sy and Rob do work well together. They are both tough and ready to charge in. The Agent and Sgt. Flag makes a patriotic-looking duo. The rest of the G-Men rest in the help they are drawn together yet they look mismatched in their poses. Their battle is over real quick.
The G-Men are looking for what is wrong with what is going on, yet we the reader are not given a solid clue as to what it is. Murder Hornet has his own plans and he comes up with an alibi. He is a murderer as his name implies. He has no scruples and will stoop to anything to achieve his goals.
The story needed to be more focused.  The line-up of heroes is amazing to see with such a variety.
The comic ends with a couple of nicely done pin-ups of the G-Men.

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