RICH REVIEWS: Simon N. Kirby, the Agent # 3

Title: Simon N. Kirby, the Agent # 3
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Alan Faria
Letters: Eric N. Bennett
Script Editor: Lou Mougin
Production Editor: Jim Burrows
Cover: Alan Farla
Alternate Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler/Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler
Price: $ 10.00 US (Print) $ 5.00 US (Digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Doctor Stephen Rottman looks like a mustachioed skeleton. He is evil yet his visage also makes one smile as it has a funny side as well.  We do get a brief origin story for Rottman and Ariel. These two are unique characters that will grab your attention.
Rottman has a plan against Agent Kirby. He is the Agent. Now Rottman is messing around with Agent Kirby’s very essence of what makes him who he is.
About halfway through the comic, there are two pin-up pages of the G-Men. It seems as if they are a repeat of each other, the art looks different yet only one is needed.
Midnight Wraith is gorgeously illustrated. Omniman is what you expect a superhero to look like. The art does showcase the G-Men in battle and there is lots of fighting going on.
Rottman does make for one evil villain and Ariel is the perfect little henchman. Now having them take on The Agent and matching wits with him makes for one entertaining story and one match-up that you are sure to want to see.

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